Week 6 of Google Summer of Code @ LLVM

Posted by Chaitanya Shahare on Wed, Jun 19, 2024

Week 6 of my Google Summer of Code was focused on desiging mockups for the LLVM website. Here’s an update on my progress.

Designing Mockups 🎨

I spent most of my time this week designing mockups for the LLVM website. I created mockups for the homepage with 2 different designs. 1 is inspired from the Rust website and the other is inspired from the the MLIR website which is a part of the LLVM ecosystem so there are a high chance that the LLVM community likes it.

Next week I’ll be refining these designs according to the feedback from my mentors.

Contributions Made 🚀

Repo: compiler-research/compiler-research.github.io

  • Issues:
  • Pull Requests:
    • PR #220: Feat: Add publication landing page

That’s all for this week. Looking forward to the next one! 🚀